International Waldorf School

A truly international curriculum

Our school uses the Rawson Waldorf curriculum, a method that allows children to move within both the international school system and other Waldorf schools throughout the rest of the world.

Start small, stay a small-scale school

Our school, founded in 2018 has been growing every year with the addition of one to two grade levels per year. In 2022 we expect to have grown to a complete primary school with two Kindergartens and Classes 1-6. Even throughout our growth, the school has and will remain small,  with class sizes of 15 children maximum. ‚Äč Due to our small groups we are able to provide sufficient time, space and attention for everyone.

As the first international Waldorf School in the Netherlands we are a new phenomenon.
Being the first, our community has a certain degree of pioneering spirit and a sense of adventure. The only way to build this new school is by doing it as a community.

Are you ready to join?

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Our application process begins with a visit to the school– or if that’s not possible we can schedule a Skype call. Following your visit or call, when you have decided you would like to enroll please notify us by email at and we will send you a link to our application form. Please use the contact form below or email at to schedule a meeting or Skype call.

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