International Waldorf School

A truly international curriculum

Our school integrates Waldorf and IPC curriculum, allowing children to move within the international school system through the rest of the world. Because the two approaches have so much in common, they can easily be integrated into one curriculum.

Start small, stay small-scale

In our first year (2018-2019) we accepted children from four to eight for two groups; Kindergarten and a combined first and second class. In our second year (2019-2020) we will expand our school and accept children up to 9 years old. We will offer the following classes:

  • Kindergarten Class (ages 4-6)
  • Class One (ages 6-7)
  • Class Two-Three combined (ages 7-9)

Although we plan to continue to grow, we will always be a small-scale elementary school. The individual class size varies from ten to fifteen children and the whole school will grow to a maximum of 120 students total. Thanks to our small group we will be able to provide enough time, space and attention for everyone.

A new beginning, A call for pioneers

As the first international Waldorf School we are a new phenomenon. Being the first, our community has a certain degree of pioneering spirit and a sense of adventure. The only way to build this new school is by doing it as a community.

Are you ready to join?

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Our application process begins with a visit to the school– or if that’s not possible we can schedule a Skype call. Following your visit or call, when you have decided you would like to enroll please notify us by email at and we will send you a link to our application form. Please use the contact form below or email at to schedule a meeting or Skype call.

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