Building & Playground

School building and grounds

Our building, a former Catholic school, is located in a lovely neighbourhood near the Scheveningen boulevard and beach, just behind the AFAS Circus theatre. There is sufficient parking about 50 meters from the building which makes bringing and collecting your child very convenient (although we would encourage you not to use your car!). All classes take regular walks to the beach and through the parks in the neighbourhood. They also play outside daily on the school playground.

The building has a spacious gymnasium, where the children take Eurythmy classes. Each Kindergarten classroom is equipped with a kitchen which is used to prepare fresh meals for the children.

The large school yard features wood play structures, a sand pit, benches, a fruit, vegetable and flower garden and other greenery.  Throughout the year, we introduce different outdoor play materials for the children to enrich their play.

The Dutch Waldorf School (De Vrije School Den Haag) is located about 2 kilometres from the building.  We go there from time to time for celebrations and theatrical performances.

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