Building & Playground

School building and grounds

Our building, a former Catholic school, is situated in a lovely neighborhood and in direct proximity of the Scheveningen boulevard and beach, just behind the AFAS Circus theatre. There is sufficient parking about 50 meters from the building which makes bringing and collecting your child very convenient (although we would encourage you not to use your car!). Under proper adult supervision, children will take frequent walks to the beach or nearby parks and spend lots of time outside on our own spacious playground.

The building and the playground are being refurbished in order to make it suitable for our needs and wishes. While we share part of the building with some students from the ever-expanding Waldorf Secondary School, our different schedules and separate spaces enable us to peacefully co-exist. The International Waldorf School will have a separate multi-purpose room for eurythmy and music classes, access to the shared gymnasium, a separate lunch room and two classrooms with their own washroom. The Kindergarten room also has its own kitchenette for preparing nutritious meals with the children.

Part of the large courtyard will feature natural wood (fallen logs and a playhouse), a sand pit, benches and greenery, while the other half will provide space for group games and the secondary students’ bicycles. Throughout the year, we will introduce different outdoor play materials for the children to enrich their play.

The Dutch Waldorf School (De Vrije School Den Haag) is located about 2 kilometres from the building. From time to time, we will go there for celebrations and theatrical performances.

As the school population grows over the years, we will be moving to a new location, with more growth potential. When we do, the new school building will also have a beautiful and green school environment for the children.

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