Fee Structure

Our school is partially funded by the Dutch Ministry of Education, but in order to cover our costs we have to charge parents the following fee structure:

  • A once-only, one-per-family registration fee: € 150 (non-refundable)
  • Admission deposit: € 800 (deductible from first tuition fee)*
  • Tuition fee: € 6.000 per year
  • There is no annual registration fee.
  • We do not offer sibling discounts since we are a non-profit organization and fees are calculated based on our costs per child to run the school.

* Only to be paid in the case of early registration (when the registration form is received more than 2 weeks from the requested start date). It will be deducted from the first instalment of the tuition fee but is non-refundable if your child does not ultimately attend.

We are happy to offer temporary enrolment for families who are relocating to the Netherlands for durations shorter than the school year. For short-term enrolment, we offer a separate fee structure:

The Fee structure is based on three successive fee modules per school year, regardless of the start date. For the first three months the Tuition Fee is 800,00 per month. The successive invoice for month 4 – 6 is Tuition Fee of 700,00 per month. For the successive, remaining months of the school year the Tuition Fee is 375,00 per month.


We use an automated payment system for our invoices. In the case that you do not (yet) have a Dutch bank account, you will receive your invoice as a pdf document by e-mail.

See our Fee Policy 2021-22.

Please see the procedure page for how to apply.

For financial questions please e-mail financial@iwsth.org

Admission Procedure

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