International Curriculum (IPC)

International Primary Curriculum (IPC) is a programme untilised by local and international schools worldwide. Learning is approached through in-depth units of study. Each unit lasts for approximately 4 weeks. Within each unit of study, various personal, subject and international goals are targeted. To learn more, visit the Fieldwork Education website:

The International Waldorf School The Hague will merge the IPC programme with the Waldorf curricular approach. During our “main lesson” period (a two-period lesson block) we will explore specific goals using creative, artistic, whole-body, multi-sensory and active learning approaches. Each unit is introduced in an engaging way, followed by a discovery session where students share what they already know and what they wonder about. While the IPC provides structure and suggested lessons, teachers are free to tailor the learning units to suit their students and particular circumstances.

Within the tradition of the Waldorf approach, each study will result in an individualised, hand-made main lesson book filled with the children’s ideas, drawings and discoveries. Children will enjoy reviewing these treasured artifacts of learning. To learn more about the Waldorf approach, see the curriculum guide:

There will be plenty of opportunities for parents to get involved. We will keep parents informed regularly about all the learning done at school and occasionally ask for your contributions with time and/or talents. See more about parent involvement here:

We will occasionally send home learning activities to further encourage parent involvement in the educational process. These activities will also help children make connections between what they are learning with their everyday lives.

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