Learning Materials


In the kindergarten classroom, all toys and things to play with are made of natural materials. Wooden toys, as well as unformed natural materials such as sand, water, sticks, shells, acorns and stones can provide hours of pleasure in which the children build their fantasy world.

Class One and Two

The children use special books in which they write and draw the processed subject matter of the main lesson/unit. These books are made of natural unbleached paper and are often provided for in the most beautiful colours. To create the drawings in these main lesson books, the children will be using pencils and crayons, provided for by the school.

During music lessons, the children will learn to play the lyre and recorder. Throughout the year, children will be given further opportunities to explore other instruments.

For all classes

As children progress through the primary years, we will introduce more and more art materials and techniques.

All artistic materials are provided for by the school:
For drawing, the children can use pencils and crayons. With a focus on colour, younger children first learn to use thick block crayons and soon graduate up to using thinner crayons and coloured pencils.

The children use paints made from natural dyes.

Spun wool and cotton are used to create small weaving and needlework projects. In class one and two the children will learn to knit.

Occasionally sculpting with beeswax and clay modeling is done, as well as basket weaving, candle making and wood carving.

For eurythmy, light slippers are provided for by school.

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