The story of Saint George and The Dragon is a story of courage. This is a Western European story that tells about a knight, who battles against the unknown (the dragon). One of the images of Saint George is where he rides his horse, with his sword in hand, roaming through the world, fighting all that is evil and bad. He finds the dragon in a cave or in the dungeon of a fortress, where he keeps a princess captive. Saint George tames the dragon and  frees the princess. Together, they go off and live happily ever after.

There is another story where the dragon is tamed by an angel named Michael instead of a knight. In Western Europe the 29th of September has been known as Michaelmas.  Michael stands for the battle against darkness and the unknown and has always been linked to this time of year.

We celebrated Michaelmas today, October 1st, with song, performance and a visit from the blacksmith. The Kindergarten children baked dragon breads, and the older children tried their hands at banging iron into shapes, with help from the blacksmith and his fire.  

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