Admission Procedure

If you are enthusiastic about our personal approach to education and want to secure a place at our school for your child, please read on about our admission procedure.

  1. Please check the admissions criteria (as set by the Dutch government) page to see if you meet those requirements.
  2. Plan a call or meeting to receive more information or get in direct contact with one of our teachers.
  3. Shortly after the call or meeting, Sarah (admissions) will contact you to answer any remaining questions and provide you with the application form.
  4. After receiving your application form and registration fee, we will secure your child’s place and plan a start date.  If you apply more than two months in advance of the start date, we will ask you for an admissions deposit to reserve your child’s place.

Please refer to our Fee Structure page for more information about tuition.

Please review the following chart to see which class your child should attend: School Equivalents

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