The Prolonged School Day

For all children, we offer an extended program after the main school day has ended. For Kindergarten, normal dismissal is at 13:00 and 15:30 for Classes 1 and above.

Prolonged day for Kindergarten children

Parents can choose from various pick up times (see all options below with fees). One pick up time option is 15:30 which is the same dismissal time as Class 1 and higher. Children can also be picked up at 18:30. Here is an example of a prolonged school day schedule:

12:30-13:30 Rest time: Children who are tired can lie down and take a nap, or simply rest in their beds. The children who don’t sleep can stay in the main classroom for a quiet activity like drawing or modeling with clay.

13:45-14:30 Outdoor play

14:30-14:45 Afternoon snack

14:45-15:30 Indoor play and guided activity. We will also offer specially designated activities for the older children who attend.

15:30 pick up

After 15:30

At 15:30 children from classes 1,2 and 3 will join the program. Kindergarteners can either be picked up at this time or stay longer, depending on what is agreed upon between the school and the parent. Activities from 15:30 on will vary. Children might play in the gym, work on a larger art project, or go for a walk on the beach if time permits.

Wednesdays for the children from Class 1 and above

12:30-13:00 (Wednesdays) The children join the prolonged school day Kindergarten classroom to have their lunch, which is to be brought from home.

13:00-13:30 quiet activity at the table

The rest of the afternoon is the same as the afternoon program for Kindergarten children.


Use of the prolonged school day comes with an additional cost for food, beverages and teachers.

Option 1: Prolonged school day for Kindergarten (13:00-15:30): 15 euro per day

Option 2: Prolonged school day for Kindergarten (13:00-18:30): 30 euro per day

Option 3: Prolonged school day for Class 1 and above (15:30-18:30): 20 euro per day

Option 4: Prolonged school day on Wednesdays for all children (12:30-18:30): 30 euro per day

In order to cover the costs of staff and food, we will not have an hourly rate and ask parents to choose their days/option in the beginning of the school year. Changes can be made with a month notice.