We suggest parents bring their children to school between 8:25 and 8:35, (since the Secondary school has begun it’s day at 8:25 and we want to have good traffic flow) and in time to begin our day at 8:40. However, you may drop children off as early as 8:15 and a teacher will be able to supervise your children.

We follow a straightforward routine:
08.15-35: Children may be dropped off on the playground. A teacher is available who will be supervising.
08:40: all classes start
15:30: all classes finish (Wednesday classes finish at 12:30)

In Kindergarten the children will sleep in the afternoon.

When your child goes to the after-school care of The Little House, they will gather at 3.30 pm on the playground and enter with the teachers of The Little House. For more information visit the website of The Little House : https://bsothelittlehouse.nl/


Warm lunch is served on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. This service will be available for all children in class 1 and higher. The meals are freshly prepared from seasonal vegetables of mainly biodynamic origin. We alternate between vegetarian and meals with meat or fish. Special dietary requests will be accommodated for, always in consultation with the cook and the parents.

In Kindergarten, the children will enjoy a light bread meal during the morning (which they prepare with the teacher). At a € 7 extra charge per day, warm lunch on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday is also possible.