Waldorf 100 year!

100 years of Waldorf Education

“The question is not what man must be able to know in order to be able to join the existing social order, but what is there to be present in man and to be developed in him. Only then can the growing generation continue to enrich again with new powers.”
Dr. Rudolf Steiner

In 1919 a school was established for the children of employees in the Waldorf-Astoria cigarette factory in Stuttgart, Germany. This created the name “Waldorf”. The school was designed according to the ideas of the philosopher Rudolf Steiner (1826-1925). Waldorf Education was innovative.

More Waldorf schools were soon established in Germany and the rest of the world. In the Netherlands, the schools were called Free Schools because they were initially established without State interference, but in Belgium, it is called Steinerscholen and in the US Waldorf schools.

In 2019 there will be a worldwide celebration of the centenary:

In a nutshell: head, heart and hands

We encourage each child to develop their head (cognition), heart (social and emotional gifts) and hands (physical skills and perseverance) in a balanced and age-appropriate manner.

As a result, our primary school curriculum is less focused on cognitive development than many other schools.

Waldorf schools nevertheless meet the Dutch basic standards for education. They even try to set their own standards higher than legally required, because they want to offer education that supports healthy, sustainable development for children that will last a lifetime.

For more information visit the website https://www.waldorf-100.org/en/