A New International Waldorf School

Our school integrates Waldorf and IPC curricula, enabling children to move within the international school system throughout the rest of the world. In our first year (2018-2019), we accepted children ages four through eight for two groups–kindergarten and a combined first and second class. In our second year (2019-2020), we will expand our school, accepting children up to 11-years-old.

We will offer the following classes:
-Kindergarten Class (ages 4-6)
-Class One (ages 6-7)
-Class Two-Three combined (ages 7-9)
-Class Three-Four (ages 9-11)

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What We Stand For

The International Waldorf School educates children to become positive, active and engaged global citizens. We do that by aiding each student in his or her development as an independent, freethinking individual ready to become an active member of society. In addition, we also offer parents solid pedagogic support. Growing up in a strange, transient and changeable environment is therefore a key topic.

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